Suggested Donations

We are committed to making space and time available at the FARM at Mintwood to anyone who desires it for personal reflection time or not-for-profit group community-building time.

Suggested donations for time spent at the FARM are given below, but please contact us about an amount that better fits your circumstances, if necessary. If you are able, consider giving more – this is how we support our ministry. Any donation beyond the suggested amount is considered a tax deductible gift.


Private retreat visits and stays are welcome any time space is available.  Please contact us for availability.

$3/guest/hour for use of house or hall during day hours
$35/guest/room for overnight stays ($50 if a room is shared with another guest)


The facilities of the FARM at Mintwood are available for small not-for-profit group prayer meetings, retreats, workshops, etc. They can also be used for programs sponsored by a non-profit institution. It is assumed that these would be self-catered and would last for a no more than one full day.

The suggested donations for group events are:

$100/day for group use of the FARM house (up to 12 people)
$150/day for group use of FARM house and Veronica Hall (up to 15 people)

We do not provide food for groups, but guests have access to a fully equipped kitchen. We can also help put you in touch with a local caterer.

Contact us if your group would like to schedule an event.


Your donation to the FARM at Mintwood supports our ministry by helping us to sponsor programs, retreats and events that foster individual growth and community-building. The generosity and support of our community of friends allows us to keep our retreat fees as low as possible. Contributions also allow us to engage in special projects to maintain and cultivate the FARM at Mintwood as a peaceful, beautiful and supportive place for retreats, rest and meditation.